The Regional Columbarium located at Saint John Neumann Agape Prayer Garden was planned and designed to provide a tranquil place for worship, personal contemplation, innichement of cremated remains and other church associated purposes deemed suitable for the area.  It will be a place to visit and reflect, a place to communicate, a place to pray, to heal, to comfort and be comforted, to mourn and to grieve.  It will provide an opportunity to find the space you need to tune yourself to what God wants for you.  The following guidelines are intended to assist the church and those persons who have decided to be inurned at the Parish or are considering the Agape Prayer Garden for their final resting place.

This prayer garden creates a respectful and dignified garden atmosphere for meditation and prayer.  Included in the garden will be adequate space for special gatherings, worship services and memorial and committal ceremonies.

Since the earliest of Christian times, it has been a cherished tradition to bury the dead within the church building or in the nearby courtyard.  For those who belong to the Parishes within the boundaries of the Regional Columbarium, the Agape Prayer Garden Columbaria at a Host Parish provides an area where the deceased may be permanently memorialized as a part of the church.  It shall consist of niches uniform in size for the innichement of the earthly remains after cremation.  The cremated remains of an individual or those of two spouses may be placed in each niche.  The niche is enclosed with a protective front of granite inscribed with the name and dates of birth and death.  Urns must be of bronze, an appropriate size to fit in the niche and must have at least the name engraved on it.

The Agape Prayer Garden Columbaria are available for Innichement rights for all members of Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Parish, Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel Mission, Saint Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Parish, Saint Jude Thaddeus Roman Catholic Parish, Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Parish, Saint Joseph the Worker, Sacred Heart Parish, and Saint John Neumann Parish, and former members, staff, clergy, and their immediate families.  Others related to the church are eligible by special approval of the Agape Prayer Garden Columbarium committee.

Application for Eligibility:
A written application to determine eligibility for Innichement rights may be submitted to Saint John Neumann Parish.  After eligibility has been established, a Regional Columbarium Purchase Agreement must be completed between the Purchaser and the Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries.  A staff member of Saint John Neumann Parish can complete the Purchase Agreement with a family.  The Purchase Agreement, with the necessary payment for innichement right, merchandise and services collected will then be reviewed by the Executive Director of the Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries, when approved by the Executive Director of The Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries, a confirmation letter regarding Innichement Rights will be issued to the Purchaser.

Innichement and Memorialization:
At the time of need, the family will contact the mortuary of their choice to arrange for Funeral Services.  The family will also need to contact Saint John Neumann Parish to complete an Order for Innichement and finalize the engraving of the niche fascia.  Engraving of the niche fascia will include the name of the deceased, dates of birth and death.  Engraving will not be permitted until the death of the individual has occurred.

Additional Information:
Contact the Parish Office at (928) 342-3544 to schedule an appointment with Eva Conrad, Columbarium Representative.  Questions may be emailed to