My friends,

As you probably know there has been a substantial spike in Covid-19 cases in our state and in particular Yuma.  Below is an update from our Bishop on the policy for the entire diocese.  I know that this will not make some of you happy, but I ask that we work together to get through this crisis.  I am always available to talk by phone about this or anything you are concerned with or just to vent.  Our Bishop will be updating policy as we watch the trend of Covid-19 infections.   

God Bless each of you and your families.

Fr. George

  • I am not asking that Masses be canceled for the weekend of
    June 27-28.
  • I am directing you to inform your parishioners that face masks are now required for those over the age of five years unless a medical condition makes them impossible. They are no longer simply optional or strongly encouraged, they are now mandatory for all parishes.