SJN – Sweet Joyful Noise!
Did you know that the role of music in the Church is to serve the needs of the Liturgy? To help the assembly join themselves with the action of Christ in the Liturgy? To give voice to the gift of faith?

Music meets the needs of the Liturgy… by equipping the members of the Assembly to act as the primary musicians in the Liturgy.

Music helps the Assembly join themselves with the action of Christ… by helping them to lift up the prayers and responses that are appropriate to them in the Liturgy.

Music gives voice to the gift of faith… by helping the Assembly join together their anthems of praise to our Lord Jesus Christ during the Liturgy.

If you love to sing, come join us in one of our choirs as we lift our songs of praise to our Lord Jesus Christ! The benefits are Out of this World!

4:00 pm Saturday Mass / Guitar Group / Practice 2:30 pm Sat and 7:00 pm Tuesday
7:30 am Sunday Mass / Latin Chant Mass /
Practice 7:00 am Sunday
9:30 am Sunday Mass / Contemporary Choir / 9:00 am Sun & 2:00 pm Wed
11:30 am Sunday Mass / Spanish Choir / 11:00 am Sunday & 7:00 pm Wednesday
5:00 pm Sunday Mass / Family Mass Guitar Group / Practice 4:00 pm Sunday
5:00 pm Mass – last Sunday of month / Alabaré Children’s Choir / Practice last Sunday 4:00 pm and Wednesdays 6:00 pm

Auditions are held for Cantors and instrumentalists as arranged by the Director. Cantors are recruited from active choir members. Practices are held in the choir loft.

Mary Hansen, Director, (928) 750-7260
Come help us make a Sweet Joyful Noise!

Contemporary Choir – English SATB choir doing contemporary traditional hymns and psalms to organ/piano accompaniment. Practice: Wednesday 2:00 – 4:00 pm; Sunday 9:00 am.

Latin Chant Mass Choir – Unison choir singing the Latin Chant Mass parts as well as traditional and contemporary English hymns and psalms. Practice: Sunday 7:00 am.

Spanish Choir – Spanish language choir sings traditional and contemporary Spanish music to the accompaniment of guitar, piano, guitarrón and various percussion instruments. Practice: Wednesday 7:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am mandatory warmup.
Saturday 4:00 pm Guitar Group – English group traditional and contemporary music to guitar and piano. Practice: Tuesday 7:00 pm and Saturday 2:30 pm.

Family Mass Choir – Guitar accompaniment and contemporary English vocals make this group a favorite. Practice: Sunday 4:00 pm except last Sunday of the month.

Alabaré – Children’s Choir – Children (readers) in grades 1 – 12 are invited to sing once monthly at the Family Mass (5:00 pm Sunday). Fun field trips and educational activities make this group fun for kids of all ages. Practices: Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:00 pm in the Choir Loft. We also meet at 4:00 pm on the Sunday we sing for Mass.

Church-wide Jam Session one Friday of the month, June – September and January through April. Bring your instrument, your voice and your love of music. What if you don’t play or sing? Just come and listen. 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
Watch the bulletin for announcements of upcoming dates.